Pregnancy Yoga Exercises for Normal Delivery, How Yoga Help Mother in Childbirth

Who supports the mother before the marathon experience birth? The partner of course, but also it may need support. Giving yoga into life as both non-pregnant and pregnant is a way of practicing body and mind presence, which is incredibly valuable when a child is born. Here Rebecca Carlowitz, Naprapat, Yoga teacher and Doula tell us more about what a doula is and how we can help in childbirth!

Working as a doula is a desire to provide emotional and practical support to the mother, the partner and sometimes other family members to prepare and welcome the birth. Being able to be born without fear instructor as well. And being a yoga teacher is a great deal an attempt to help people enter a safer place in their bodies. Get away from the prestige, land in breath and self-compassion for the fantastic living of the body.

pregnancy yoga exercises for normal delivery

Many studies show that women who are supported by a doula are more likely to have a positive birth and thus a more positive postnatal experience for both the mother and the baby … But I want to emphasize that we will never replace midwives! We also hope to support the midwife during childbirth.

What does this have with yoga?
Then I ask the question as follows: What happens to the contact with one’s own body, the ability to control it and the ability to recognize it in yoga and even during childbirth?

In many other areas, including in sport, we may look for challenges, kicking that takes over any pain, fatigue, fear and allows us to surpass ourselves. Athletes get help a coach or coach. But who does the mother support in the marathon performance of a childbirth? Of course, the partner, but it may also need guidance in a completely new situation. And who helps you on the yoga mat, gives you guidance and assistance? In different situations or stages of life, we need support. I found the support when I started my yoga party.
It developed into my desire to help others. My own childbirth was a good and positive experience and I would like to give my companions. I had the honor to give birth to a daughter, I would love to have more children, but now it was not. But getting a seat in support and support is a pleasure! Being able to guide and lead a class of Yogisar is also a form of privilege. I will honestly admit that the nervousness in me does not diminish over the years, but I look at it as a way to keep me awake, a way to get even more self-esteem, which in turn can support others.

Pioneers like Ina May Gaskin, Naoli Vinanvar and other childbirth giants encourage us to think that childbirth is “physiological”, where the natural process of what is happening should be respected. It’s an event full of meaning, perfectly designed for the capacity of the mind and body of the mother and her newborn. And even on the yoga mat there is the presence of body and mind – “body / mind”.

The Yoga teacher and the Doulan are here to help them prepare and create confidence, encouraging the ability and capacity of their own body, so I look at it. Gaining yoga into life as both non-pregnant and pregnant is a way of practicing body and mind presence. It’s important, I think, to give yourself the opportunity to be present and patient with himself, with his body, with his partner and in breath.

Practicing asanas can help the body and mind. After a childbirth, vaginal birth or incision, your core, your pelvic floor is at least distant and there is a need to get back to the core of you both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, it’s easy to see your body like it was before pregnancy, think it will be the same. But it will not be the body you used to have. Although it may come back to the same, it feels different. Maybe it’s a place to find a mantra that raises your new body: “No, I do not want my old body back. I love my new strong and powerful body that carried and fed a child,” rather than looking back and missing something which is no longer

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