Why you probably do not have toenail fungus

I am a podiatrist or podiatrist (depending on where you live) and I think the public needs to be educated by some "health gurus".

Some of these health professionals are just the general public and some are unqualified clinicians. I do not bother other health care professionals who talk about foot care, I do not do it, honestly, but you really have to give the patient real advice, not just "what do you think ". Many books and many websites do not convey the true treatment, the cause and, in fact, whether the nail is a mushroom or not. Scary but very true.

The role of the fungus nail has been greatly exaggerated to the point where there are now miracles that occur. All that goes from the strange "heal your mushroom in a day" to some "really dangerous new cure that I've perfected, that doctors do not want you to hear".

The facts are: Your nails are growing at an incredibly slow rate, about 12-18 months from base to tip, so any remedy that indicates that your toenail will go within 24 hours not say 100% of the truth. Second, doctors (chiropodists / podiatrists, not GPs) will not keep this thing secret. It is widely available information about a problem that can be got rid of.

What we really need to think about is that all thick nails are not nail fungus. A nail fungus is actually characterized by a yellow / fading, thickening, spongy coloration when it is shorn and has a "moth-eaten" appearance. It is also caused by a dermatophyte, something that likes skin and nails because they eat keratin – a major component of these systems. They usually work their way from the top of the nail to the base. If it's a Candida infection, it will go from the base to the tip of the nail.

Oh, and by the way. When they say the infection, all it really means is that it is contagious to the skin and nails. So, if you cut your other nails with clippers from an infected nail, then that nail will become infected. It does not affect the internal organs, etc.

But if you have no sign of nail fungus, then there is a probability that you do not have nail fungus.

1 – If your toenails are clawed and have thickened nails, this is because of a microtrauma that strikes the fingernail while you walk. The nail does not want to be broken, so the body has a great remedy for that. He builds the nail so that it does not become traumatized. So you get irreversible thickening of the nails.

2 – If you have just the thickening of the little toes, it could easily be due to the shoes. If you put your foot on the floor and apply weight, it will flake off. So, it becomes wider. Your little toes will come up against tight shoes, and if you wear these shoes constantly for many years, then a microtrauma will trigger again and thicken that fingernail. Therefore, women who tend to have slimmer and poorly fitting shoes tend to suffer from this problem.

3 – Microtrauma can occur over time. Small snatches for a long time. But the same thing can happen when you hit your toe or nail once with a big shot. This can damage the area where the nail grows and cause thickening.

However, once the nail is damaged, there is a strong possibility that the nail may have a fungus and then start the process. However, in this situation, no matter how many antifungal treatments you get, this will not prevent the thickening.

Testing the nail will prove that I have a mushroom no?

The test is one of the best methods coming right after the experiment to determine whether a fingernail is a fungus or not. However (and this could easily be another article, if not a book), lab tests are flawed, and they are flawed because of collection methods, transport methods and costs. If your results come back negative, even if the nail is really a fungus nail, then do not worry. This is one of those 3 problems.

So before you even jump for a nail fungus treatment, first decide if you have a nail fungus to start with. In many cases, you probably do not do it.

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