What is the fungal nail infection? What are the causes of fungal nail infection?

Nail Mushroom is an ugly infection that removes the beauty and natural glow of the fingernail. The condition is very common in people of all ages. According to statistics, nearly 35 million people suffer from this disease. This indicates how common this disease is and how difficult it is to protect yourself from infection. In addition, some of the infected people are doctors, which makes the scenario and the chances of recovery much worse.

As the infection is caused by a fungus, you can avoid this condition by maintaining good hygiene. Initially, the fungus enters the nail bed due to the presence of a wound or injury, or nail hygiene and begins to feed keratin, which is responsible for keeping the nail well and strong. As the fungus thrives in wet and damp places, any negligence in maintaining dry nails will increase the chances of being infected. It is also advisable to wash your hands as many times a day with antibacterial soap. When you have finished washing, be sure to wipe your hands with a clean towel. You should also keep your nails trimmed and avoid wearing the same nail polish after 3 days. When visiting a nail salon or beauty salon, make sure the nail tools are sterilized and free of germs. As the infection is contagious, it may be that you catch it with the help of tools used in salons. The fungal infection of the nails is also very common in the elderly because of their low immunity and slow blood circulation.

Nail fungus can be caused for many reasons and the severity of the infection can vary from one case to the next. Some of the common causes of this infection are shown below:

  1. The most common reason behind the fungal infection of the nails is a wound to the wound or to the # 39; nail. When the nail hits an object, it creates a space between the nail and the nail bed, which leaves room for the mushroom. If immediate action is taken, the fungal infection of the nails can be avoided. You should consult a doctor for treatment. Among the most common treatments are prescribed medications, home remedies including vinegar and tea tree oil, laser therapy and over the counter products. Since some of these remedies are not without side effects, while others may prove to be futile attempts to destroy the fungus. Therefore, you should not use them without proper medical advice.
  2. Humidity, humid atmosphere, high pH and warm environment play a vital role in the growth of the fungus. In order to stay away from this infection, keep yourself and your body dry by creating an acidic environment. Avoid using synthetic socks as they do not allow the water to dry. Instead, wear socks of wool or cotton that allow free entry of air.
  3. Low immunity can lead to fungal infections of the nails because it does not have the strength to fight fungi. In order to keep you safe, eat healthy foods that promote your immunity against these pests.
  4. Slow or poor blood circulation causes fungal growth. This is because the immune system only works effectively with a healthy blood flow. In addition, poor blood circulation can lead to weak nails. In order to improve your blood circulation, you should take a proper diet and exercise daily.
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