What is Thai Yoga Message and The Benefit

One of most popular yoga is Thai Yoga Message, a variation of yoga that combines Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathy. Yoga movements are alternated with Thai massage. Dragons movement is never straight but rather swerving to follow the situation and conditions encountered.

In line with Zenthai’s principle, Gwyn did not want the participants of this session to follow her movements, but adjust to their respective abilities. If you feel tired then rest. If the body needs to retreat, then back off. Adjust the portion of exercise with the ability of the body.

Thai Yoga Message Technique

The human body, as Gwyn says, is not a perfect computer. So no matter if the movement is done imperfectly. Most importantly, according to the ability of the body. In addition to dragons, other movements of Zenthai also adapt eagles, lions, and pigeons. So the yoga core movement combined the faunal adaptation movement that creates new variations.

The movement resting on one leg of virabhadrasana is usually done by straightening the hand to the face. This time, along with Gwyn, hand movements swung like a pigeon wing. Variations are also applied Gwyn in salamba kapotasana movement, sitting with one leg crossed and other legs selonjor backwards. Then, interspersed massage near the ankles and knees.

At least Gwyn teaches four Thai massage style movements that are believed to prevent a variety of disturbances in the body, from headaches to digestion. The fun of following the Zenthai Flow session with Gwyn is not only limited to doing varied movements that are meaningful and useful, but also feel togetherness with each other.

Unlike the other yogis who performed in advance on a small stage, Gwyn preferred to hold her mattress in the middle, becoming a sort of mecca for the participants. Being surrounded by the participants, Gwyn is like sugar surrounded by ants. Even so, Gwyn still walks up to one by one participants who need guidance.

The yoga movement taught by Gwyn is not limited to the individual movement, but also in groups, both tandem two people stunned four acrobats.

Thai massage bed

Again the variation movement in which the two participants perform a mountain pose or downward-facing dog (adho mukha svanasana), face-to-face position, head meet head. Then, with the help of one other participant, one more participant rose on the backs of two participants who did the mountain pose. Above, he does a soldier pose or virabhadrasana.

Gwyn asserted, yoga movement must be done with the correct breathing technique. Every movement felt the effect on the body to feel relaxed. The movement is done according to the rhythm of each person’s body, without the need to force or exert all his might. It is very important to feel and enjoy your own body when yoga.

After doing two and four tandem movements, Gwyn next asks all participants to sit cross-legged in a circle while doing hand movements that are interlinked. For one of the participants, Arin Ching, Gwyn’s Zenthai Flow session adds her knowledge of the more varied movements of Thai yoga.

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