Stress is the most common reason for stomach problems

In addition, those who suffer from stomach problems have problems more often. The study shows that the most common cause of stomach problems is considered to be stress and that young women are the ones who experience most stomach problems.

The most common gastric problems according to the study are inflated stomach, gases and stomach and these also limit life. Of those who have stomach problems, 43% say that it restricted them to doing things they want to do and that it affected their quality of life.

Stress is the most common reason when participants themselves state what they think is the basis for the stomach problems. Over half, in both the main study and in the Young Women’s sense of humor, states that is the case. In the main study, the figure is 68% among young women and 70% among young men. One fourth in the main study also indicates bad eating habits, one-fifth for a little everyday motility, and 21% indicate IBS as the causes of their stomach problems.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt? 17 Possible Causes of Stomach Pain

Fewer seek help for the stomach
Alarmingly, fewer seek help, even though the stomach problems are increasing. In 2013, 40% stated that they did not seek help for their stomach problems – this year’s survey has increased to 44%. Every fifth person suffering from stomach problems who did not seek help says that is because they do not think there is anything to do about it. As many people say that they are always or often in pain in the stomach and that they have learned to live with the problems.

Sofia Antonsson is a dietitian and IBS expert and one of the founders of Belly Balance. To TV4’s News Morning, she says:

“We have a strong connection from the intestine to the brain, from the brain to the intestine. When we stress, the intestinal bacteria affect, we may become ill, eat antibiotics, the intestinal bacteria are even more imbalanced. Many people go with this constant sympathetic appeal and it’s one of our stresses when we’re on the go. We are in battle or escape. Our digestion is found on a completely different system, the parasympathetic nervous system – and these two can not be at the same time. If we are on time, food digestion can not get any attention, it just stands still.

About IBS
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a functional gastrointestinal disease that affects approximately 15-20% of the world’s population. IBS is also called ballooning, stressfulness, sensitive stomach or milk flavor. Common symptoms include pain, discomfort, constipation or diarrhea, gases and bloating. You can get help with IBS using diet and lifestyle changes.

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