VAADI Diva Organic Anti-Aging Face Cream


Recently I have tested Diva Organic Anti Aging Face Strap from VAADI . Have used it as a night cream for 5 weeks, and here comes my assessment of the cream.

 Diva Natural Face Cream

Vaadi is not so famous brand, not to me at least, therefore, I thought to investigate a little more about the manufacturer. Vaadi is an Indian manufacturer offering high quality, high quality ayridic skin care and has (according to them) Scandinavia's largest selection of ayurvedic and ecologically 100% pure skin care.

What is Ajurveda?

Ajurveda originates in India and is the world's oldest surviving medical system. Ajurved combination of herbs in skin care gives a very impressive effect.

The products of Vaadi contain 100% natural ingredients and are made with love for pure products. The manufacturer uses modern research to find the best combinations of herbal extracts and aroma oils. Skin care products do not contain parabens, mineral oils and hazardous additives.

The products of Vaadi are quite reasonable. The packaging for the cream looks a bit inexpensive. The pot of cream is designed for luxury with a gold lid. Unfortunately, the "gold" flares out of the lid after a couple of weeks. The label is quite simple, looks like 'home made'. The text on the label is in Norwegian so it seems that Norwegian importer has glued it himself. This is only good since not all skin care products have the text in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language.

My first thought after I opened the cream was … for a strong scent! Naturally, skin care products with lavender smell quite delicious and delicious while this cream had unusually strong scent. I felt the smell until I fell asleep this evening and it was a little annoying. I felt the smell less and less eventually. After about 2 weeks I did not think about it at all. One can get used to the smell, but do not recommend the cream for those who react to strong smells.

 Natural cream

When it comes to texture, it's very thick. A bit difficult to smear and you have to spend a lot to cover your entire face, but the cream kept surprisingly long. I had it in over a month. The cream costs 140 enough so you get a lot of money 🙂 I have not noticed any anti-aging effect but the cream retards and moisturises very well. It was delicious and 'fresh' feeling and wearing it on the face. The cream feels light despite the thick texture. Seems it works best like night cream.

This organic cream contains aromatherapy oils of, among others, lavender and rosemary, which counteract aging and stimulates the cell renewal process.

This is not a "miracle product" I think but quite ok moisturizer.