Techniques you can try for Gel Nail Art Polish

It's easy to go from the front with a nail art if you use your skills and think creatively. But, if you are new, then you should scroll down to know some tips that you can implement easily.

Paint the layers of the base layer of trailers

To prevent the tips from peeling off, you must first paint only half of the top layer. Later, once the nails have dried, continue with the second coat. At that time, be sure to cover all the nail. This technique would help Polish to adhere to the surface and help you achieve a lasting effect.

Use white nail polish

Unt and until the gel nail polish is opaque in nature, a natural shade may change the shade of color. So, to make the nails attractive, you can first use white polish and then proceed with the colored nail polish.

Paint using a plastic bag

No matter how you want to achieve the design, if the task is difficult, paint the nails with pieces of bag plastic should be the first step. After cutting the material, paint it with a few thick layers and then add a unique design. Shortly after the art has dried out, peel off the pattern and glue it on the nail with glue.

Use Perforated Paper Stickers

If you want to flaunt a half moon manicure, place paper stickers and seal them with a hairpin. Adorn the party with the coat, then remove the sticker carefully. Follow the trick for nails one after the other. Depending on the preference, you can always adjust the position of the reinforcing sticker.

Adding duplicates with a band

After choosing different varnishes, you have to paint the nails with a lighter shade and then seal them with a finishing coat. Once the part is cleaned, hide the tips with two strips of tape placed in the desired way. Then, apply the dark polish all over the nail and just above the band. Once a minute has elapsed, you should take off the strips well for the perfect look.

Use an eyeliner for rhinestones

If you decide to place rhinestones on the surface, an eyeliner may be useful. The task would be much simpler because you no longer have to grab tiny jewelry with tweezers or your fingers. The end of the pencil is much more capable of lifting the jewel and placing it on the nails. The tool would not mess with the nail art design.

Loop a rubber band for a French manicure

When you manicure your nails, you need to create a loop with an elastic by stretching it with your thumb and your index. Just make sure you have left some space for the French tip that you have always wanted. With the group as a guide, you can easily paint the tips.

Mix the pigments to get a unique shade

Grab a spoon and pour some eye shadow pigment. Later, you should add a clear coat and mix it with the help of a cotton swab. After mixing the solutions thoroughly, you can try the new color with different nail art brushes.

Dry the nails by dipping them in cold water

Once the pattern has been created, take a bowl and fill it with water and some ice cubes. Soak the nails in the liquid and wait a few minutes to paint the games. As the main purpose is served, your nails dry as quickly as possible.

Spray a nonstick baking agent for results

Once you're ready for nail art, it is advisable to spray a nonstick baking agent. You must hold the spray a few inches from your hand and gently press the nozzle. Just before you wrap, let the agent dry for a while and make sure that you have washed the residue off of your hands.

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