Snapchat wikipedia, Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by evan spiegel bobby murphy and reggie brown former students at stanford university and. Snapchat money worth , The founders of snapchat a mobile app that lets mostly teenagers send mostly naked pictures of themselves were recently offered $3 billion for the.

Primark - Store: Wandsworth
Primark store: wandsworth | Source:

Why snapchat worth $20b implementing trends, The photo sharing trend is here to stay and it has valued snapchat at $20b. what are you doing to capture trend value for your business.

Selfie Safety Tip Sheet

Selfie safety tip sheet | Source:

This Hilarious 'Shady Bird' Meme Is Taking Over The Internet
This hilarious 'shady bird' meme is taking over the internet | Source:

Unicorns suddenly looking a lot less enchanting
Unicorns suddenly looking a lot less enchanting | Source:

Investors eye Yahoo!'s future as China's Alibaba files for US IPO • The Register
Investors eye yahoo!'s future as china's alibaba files for us ipo • the register |