1861 Navy Conversion - Conversion cylinders south firearms black powder, Conversion cylinders if your not sure about which cylinder will best fit your needs give old south a call and we will do our best to answer your questions.. Serial number data, Pick a model from the left hand menu.. 1851 richards navy uberti replicas top quality, In 1871 an employee from colt by the name of charles richards was awarded a patent for converting colt percussion models to breech loading cartridge revolvers..

Pietta 1851 Navy Revolver Parts

Pietta 1851 navy revolver parts | Source: www.taylorsfirearms.com

Remington Conversion - Cartridge Revolvers - Hand Guns
Remington conversion cartridge revolvers hand guns | Source: www.taylorsfirearms.com

Remington 1858 revolver by simjoy on DeviantArt
Remington 1858 revolver by simjoy on deviantart | Source: simjoy.deviantart.com

1858 Remington revolver | Cartridge conversion for 58 Remington
1858 remington revolver cartridge conversion for 58 remington | Source:www.kirstkonverter.com

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