Star Wars Series The Last Jedi Full Cast

The latest Star Wars series, The Last Jedi received many positive comments and praise from critics since its premiere on Saturday (9/12) night. The film itself was officially released on Wednesday (13/12) in Indonesia and Friday (15/12) in the international market.

star wars the last jedi full cast

Reuters reported, the science fiction film received many positive ratings of four of the five stars for energy and emotion aspects in the film.

In addition, the RottenTomatoes aggregator page scores 94 percent for a movie that is predicted to hit the box office with a debut revenue of $ 200 million.

The Last Jedi is a continuation of the series in 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens that successfully gained more than US $ 2 billion at the global box office and became the third highest-income film of all time.

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi describes the Resistance group’s resistance against Supreme Leader Snoke that attempts to master the galaxy.

The science fiction film will feature the last appearance of Carrie Fisher, the Princess Leia. Fisher died in December at the age of 60 after completing his part in The Last Jedi.

A number of critics gave a note on the duration of The Last Jedi which for 2.5 hours is considered a little too long. But it is considered quite commensurate with that displayed by Johnson.

“There is a great freshness and enthusiasm for Johnson’s approach to guarding the film, and with this franchise, which remains alive, is undoubtedly the most important,” writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The London Times says Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an intelligent, miraculous, and eye-catching film, and heavily supported by unexpected emotional powers even though it often makes feelings crumble to pieces.

“The Last Jedi is a victory despite having to lose,” wrote Entertainment Weekly.

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