Stamping Nail Art! What is it?

Many are confused when they hear the term "stamping nail art". However, it's actually a very simple thing. This is a technique whereby different types of patterns are stamped on the nail with different types of accessories. It comes as a kit or set with various stamping devices and different colors of nail polish. The process is very simple and can be done without any professional help. Even children can paint their nails without any skill.

A stamping nail kit comes with disks with a variety of models in different colors. At first, you apply a basic color on the nail and let it dry. Then choose one of your favorite patterns in the kit and let it dry. Depending on the type of design, you can either place this design on the tip of the nail or in the nail bed. Like for example, if you choose a design that has a lace texture, the design will be better in the tip of the nail. Printed patterns like flowers and characters look better in the nail area. Once you have stamped the design, it must be covered to protect the design. Apply a clear nail polish once the design becomes completely dry. This also makes a glossy texture to your nails. You can also apply two coats of clear nail polish to give your nail better protection.

You can also decorate your nail art designs with other nail accessories to make it more ostentatious. Gems and rhinestones can be used to bring that extra scintillating effect on the nails. You can stick colored stones on nails or gemstones with butterfly wings. You can apply another clear coat over the gems to help it be in place.

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