REDMOND CLAY Cleansing healthy minerals

Hello, Thought to tell you about a “miracle product”, ie REDMOND CLAY cleansing healthy mineral minerals.

 Redmond Clay Leire

Wondering what Redmond Clay is?

That’s what I found on the Norwegian distributor’s website:

Millions of years ago, long before any form of contamination was known on Earth, a volcanic eruption sent volcanic ash out across the prehistoric Sundance Lake. The water in the sea evaporated and it remained a thick layer of mineral rich bentonite clay. Near the small town of Redmond, Utah, this valuable volcanic ash is now recovered in its pure, natural state. Redmond Clay contains more than 50 natural traces that are essential to our well-being.

Leir has been used for years for many different ailments, including to help improve and healthier digestion, by diarrhea, constipation, chest fires , stomach ache, acid surplus and other hernia problems. Clay can also be mixed with water and applied to wounds, scratches, insect bites, bites, bumps, pimples, extremely dry skin and aching joints. Bentonittleire can absorb chemicals, oxygen and heavy metals and help remove it from the body.

I have not used clay as a “dietary supplement” but used it on insect bites. I was bitten by tuneflue, and then Redmond Clay came with help!

For those who did not hear about tuneflue

Tunefluen is a knot. It looks like a small black fly and is 2-3 mm long. Tunefluen is a blood sucker. It bites instead of stabbing and leaves a large red swelling (1-2 cm with a wound in the center). Tunefluen is most concentrated in Sarpsborg municipality (Tune) and Våler municipality in Østfold (Åsgårdselva, Svinndal). Tunefluen often bites on sunny days and never bites inside the house. After the bite it sucks blood for 1-25 minutes if allowed. Tuneflueplappers are greatest for 2-3 weeks at St.Hanstid.

I was bitten both in the foot and the neck. Reacted strongly, and it blew quite a while from the wound. Had no ointment at home but suddenly I found out that I had a jar of Redmond Clay standing in the closet. Was a little skeptical but just had to try it out. The wound became more and more red and itchy.

I have mixed clay with pure water until it had a consistency like mustard and buttered on the skin. Then I waited a few minutes for the camp to get dry. The skin was irritated and very itchy. Had the feeling that my skin burns.

When the camp dried out, I washed the skin with water. The effect was … surprisingly good! The skin on the foot was not so red anymore, and much less itchy. This feeling did not last long, maybe a couple of hours, but after each treatment the wounds were smaller and smaller.

 Redmond Natural Leire

I was glad I had Redmond Clay in the closet. It has many uses so this product is just nice to have 🙂 It costs 250 nok for 283 g. It’s not much for such a big jar. The product is quite drunk in use. Recommended.

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