PurNail – PurNail work and is it the best nail fungus treatment?

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Hello everyone!

There are two main influences that have led me to write this article. First of all, I am constantly asked "Does PurNail Work?" by close friends who have discovered that they have nail fungus, and I recently learned that up to eight percent of the adult population is infected with a fungus nail. , also called dermatophytic onychomycosis, ringworm and tinium unguium. I've already suffered from this boring infection and I write this to share my story.

Before Knowing My Fungal Nail Infection

At one point I thought my nails were normal until my son asks me questions about their appearance. From that moment, I realized that they were not healthy or normal and I became extremely embarrassed. After some research, I discovered that I was actually suffering from a fungal infection of the nails on my toes and my fingernails.

Discovering PurNail

I did some research and came across a new nail fungus treatment called PurNail. After a few cross references, I decided that it seemed like the best alternative to an extremely expensive surgery and months of prescription pills that I could not afford and that my body could not stand. PurNail has arrived faster than expected and here are my results:

Three weeks after the beginning

I was a bit discouraged because I did not get it. did not see results after the first week and the back of my head was thinking "does PurNail really work?", but at the end of the week two my toe nails and finger nails have definitely looked better than they had in years. By the end of the third week, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I could see that PurNail was working.

Four months after my treatment

The discoloration was completely improved and I could say that the mushroom was dead and my body for good. I could also say that the incoming nail was stronger than what I had seen in years. PurNail had helped my nails on my toes and fingers to regain their health.

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