Nail That Glam Look with 3D Nails

Do you want your nails to have a life? You would say why not, no? Well, let me tell you that 3D nails are beyond your comprehension and your imagination. One should be lucky to wear this magnetic look, but do not worry, with little effort and love one can look fabulous with that. These looks consist of celestial flowers, roses, bows, precious stones, petals, rhinestones, pearls and even hearts. Excited? It's like creating magic with every new artistic way of 3D nails.

If you are flamboyant and fashionista, then this look can make the difference for your charm. You can easily brighten this look with this type of gorgeous nails that are essentially shielded. Do not miss them. Many feel its process filled with hassle but to be honest this art is the most appropriate for those who will prevail on the occasion. I mean events like your birthdays or if you are all ready to become a gorgeous bride, then the 3D nails are the ones you have to show.

So be elegant and become dominant in the eyes of all, because in this new era, the details make people wonder how sophisticated you are. If applied correctly, it can prove very impressive and then let this luxury dance on your nails.

So get ready to be totally entertained by the following creativity that we can embrace

• 3D Beige Nails

You can also choose another modest color. It basically decorates your ring finger, with silver embellishments and beautiful acrylic white roses or flowers. In addition, beige can prove to be versatile when it comes to subtle colors.


1. Find the appropriate shade of beige and apply two coats on your nails for a firm look

2. For the flower, use a white acrylic mix. You can start from the middle and go back up to the tip by making vertical bumps.

3. Then you add the dazzling gems or rhinestones surrounding the flower, taking the help of tweezers of art. You can use glue or topcoat to assemble all parts.

4. Make sure you get that shiny look and keep the decor secure.

• 3D nail art of rose and gold

This combination is really delicious, chic and chic with a versatile design. If you want it to be discreet, it's perfect.


1. Color all your nails except the nail with pink rose.

2. You can then use the color of the gold nails to set the pink shades.

3. Then apply clear varnish and place some super silver studs on it.

4. Paint your ring finger in flamboyant gold.

5. Give it a finishing coat.

• 3D Sunflower Art

This will require you to have a beautiful shade of lavender, a sunflower and pretty glitter of silver. It's supposed to be a pastel and delicate pastel shade. Just perfect for raising your mood.


1. Just cover it with lavender pastel shade, Maybelline's current black pop will also be a great choice.

2. Since this art is new, very subtle, you only color your ring finger with glitter varnish.

3. For the creation of sunflower on the ring finger, start with the axial, placing a brown acrylic ball in the center.

4. For the petals, start by creating vertical bumps on each petal. Place the petals around intelligently.

5. Seal it with the top coat and you're ready to go.

This fancy creation does not take much time and is very affordable. Yes, you read that, it is actually considered a cheap nail polish, without worrying about emptying your pocket. Girls, the time has come and now it is upon you to rock this world of shimmer and sequence because that is your season.

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