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Fingernail fungus is the worst and most embarrassing infection. It's almost impossible to hide from others and it makes you feel uncomfortable. The nail affected by the fungus will appear to be thicker than the other nails and its color will sometimes be yellow and sometimes brown (in cases, it is brown). Fungus causes pain and inflammation that prevents you from enjoying your life properly. Fortunately, there are home remedies for nail fungus work.

Natural home remedies for nail fungus have been famous for years and have been used for over a thousand years. Our ancestors also use these home remedies for an effective treatment of nail fungus. However, they used some old traditional methods that do not exist now that science has developed much more than before. Now, one day, people are using drugs to cure this embarrassing infection, but they have sworn side effects and can also cause liver disease that will lead you to death.

So, are there any home remedies that work effectively and that do not cause side effects?

Yes, there are home remedies that can actually give you good results. First and foremost, the most famous is to soak the affected area in vinegar. Vinegar has some properties that prevent the growth of the fungus to a certain extent because of which you get a new and fresh fingernail instead of the one affected by the fungus. You must apply vinegar daily to the affected area for 20 minutes until the fungus is completely removed from this area. This home remedy can take several months to give you good results.

In the second remedy, you should apply tea tree oil on the affected area for about three to four weeks a day. This oil usually comes from tea plants located in Australia. This oil contains elements that prevent the growth of fungi, which gives you a fresh and beautiful nail. But, again, this oil is expensive and can take up to four weeks.

Is there a quick and effective remedy?

Yes, there is a quick and cost-effective remedy. It only takes a week and completely removes the fungus from your nails. Its so powerful method that it can penetrate the roots of the mushrooms and destroy them completely which prevents them from growing back on your body. If you are interested, check out the resource box below.

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