Nail Fungus – Prevention and Treatment Tips

About, there are about 12% of Americans who suffer from nail fungus. This type of infection is more common in the toenails.

Children are lucky. they are almost never infected by a fungus fungus. It is said that the older we get, the more chances we have to catch it. In fact, statistics will tell you that about 25% of people over age 40 are affected, and about 50% of people age 70 and over also.

That is why it is very important to understand very well the fungal infection of the nails. Do not just learn about the remedy, but really try to prevent its occurrence.


Nail fungi infect nails through tiny organizations called "Tinea Unguium". These organisms live under your nail and eat keratin, which is the protein that makes up the hardness of the nail.

Since this type of fungus lives deep in the nail, it is much harder to reach and kill. In fact, your fingernail actually serves as a protective cover for these fungi. That's why when you are infected, you will notice that your nails will become brownish or yellowish. Sometimes streaks or white spots also appear.

The growth and texture of your fingernail will also become abnormal. Either it will be friable or very thick. You can also smell a nauseating odor – which makes it very embarrassing for others. And if you delay the treatment of your infection, you will not only feel pain and discomfort during walking or running, but at any time, your entire nail might even fall.

Preventing Nail Mushrooms

So even before suffering the effects of a fungal nail infection, prevention should always be the first thing in head. Remember that the fungus likes to thrive in a hot, humid and dark environment. Therefore, it is always best to keep your hands and feet dry.

Your nails may also be susceptible to fungal infections because of some socks and shoes. Avoid synthetic ones because they will not be able to absorb the moisture in your feet. It is best to wear socks made from 100% pure materials such as wool, cotton or silk. Shoes that allow good ventilation of your feet are also recommended.

Also, always keep your feet dry after bathing or showering, paying particular attention to the spaces between your toes. In addition, be sure to cut your nails and nails regularly.

If you really want to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, take Lactobacilli regularly. This will promote good bacteria that can fight off the infection.

Treatment of Nail Mushrooms

When people have nail fungi, they often make a mistake of covering their nails with nail polish because they are not used. they are embarrassed and want to hide the appearance. discoloration. But it's not just because your nails must always be exposed to light if you want to treat them quickly. Remember that mushrooms grow more in dark places, so avoid nail polish and false nails.

Some home remedies can also be effective in stopping fungal growth. Use mouthwash, bleach and apple cider vinegar, among others. But if you really want a more effective treatment, it is best to consult your doctor for some prescription medications.

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