Nail Color and Medical Conditions – 2 nail remedies that you can do now!

Nail color and medical conditions are a rapidly growing concern around the world. There is a great lack of knowledge in the early stages of a nail fungus because discoloration occurs at a slow pace as people rarely get the notice that it can be a mushroom and not just a sign to buy shoes and gloves. The faster you treat it, the better it is.

Fungal Signs

It may be the first time you hear that nail discolorations are fungal signs. If it is you, there is no need to worry. About 1 in 10 people suffer from this same problem. However, this same person in ten has not yet had the chance to see this. One thing to realize about the color of your nails and the medical conditions is the fact that you have the opportunity to change it now. Although it can be more and more painful with home remedies and so on, you have already taken the first step toward curing it. At the beginning of the fungus, the nail or nails can become yellow, brown and even black with time. It occurs mainly in the nails and here are the steps you can take now to cure it faster.

1. Soaking in Salt Water

It was suggested to me some time ago by a doctor to soak my feet in water salt water for about 30 minutes a day. Whether it is seawater or salt water that you create, it will greatly speed up the repair process. More information on this below.

2. Let your feet breathe

Another good thing to do would be to let your feet breathe often. Many fungi occur in dark, damp areas like toenails. Letting them breathe can be a great way to accelerate the hardening of the nail. Mushrooms do not like air as much as you do not like mushrooms.

Other Home Remedies

Home remedies range from bleach, vics, vinegar, to listerine. Now, depending on the severity of your case, I would recommend doing more research because different remedies work differently for different people.

There are many cases where one remedy works better for another person, and another remedy has caused additional problems for someone else. All nail colors and medical conditions differ from each other.

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