Nail Care for Dogs

Dogs & # 39; the nails are often broken, most of the time being the result of not keeping the nails short enough. They should be cut regularly if they are not worn naturally. Broken nails can be very painful. Your groomer or veterinarian can cut nails for you or you can learn to cut your dog's nails yourself.

The easiest way is to get your puppy to have his feet often handled so that he stays seated for this essential part of the grooming.

Nails should be cut regularly. Use nail clippers specifically designed for dogs. Hold the dog's paw firmly by cutting the top of the nail in one go. Be careful not to "fast" the dog. (The fast is the blood vessel in the nail). You may feel more comfortable taking off a bit of the tip and going back. You do not want to cut too much and bleed your dog. If you make them bleed, do not panic. You can stop bleeding with any elegant powder that can be purchased at most large pet stores. Take it just a little after cleaning the blood and apply.

To find out where to cut your dogs' nails if they are dark in color, flip the paw and look where the nail is thicker towards the end. The thinnest part of the nail is the new growth that you can cut.

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