How to get silky and well-behaved hands?

 The little ones appreciate dry and cracked hands, but unfortunately it’s not always easy to avoid. Especially when temperatures drop, a silky smooth lint can be difficult to achieve. Fine hands do something about self-esteem, and considering how much their hands are exposed to a daily basis, they deserve first-class care. In this post, therefore, I share my best tips for well-behaved hands throughout the year.

 Natural Care


Perhaps the most important thing you can do to maintain soft handsome hands is to prevent. With that I mean using a gentle organic skin without perfume that does not dry out your skin. For example, John Masters Organics Lemon & Ginger Foaming Hand & Body Wash. This soap is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, while effectively cleansing dirt and dirt.

If you are a diligent user of antibac, this is advantageously limited to a minimum as the alcohol will last with your hands unnecessarily unnecessary. It is also very important to get enough water. This is of course important for many reasons, but if your body is dehydrated, the skin will naturally bear the feel of it also on the outside. Another good tip as it goes towards colder times is wearing gloves, gloves or gloves on your hands. Then you will release a lot of the cold air which, unfortunately, also will appear tremendous on the skin.

 Natural Hair Care

Scrub and Lubrication

Regular skin care of your hands is alpha and omega to always have soft hands . Scrub the skin on the face and the rest of the body I think is a self for many, but how often do you really scrub your hands? It should actually be as obvious as the weekly facial scrub. A scrub will both remove dead skin cells while helping to regenerate the skin. Therefore give your hands a round of scrub a few times a week.

After the dead skin is gone, it is important to add moisture and nourishment. Invest in a good organic skin cream without perfume for example Noni Care Hand and Nail – which with its natural oils and extracts stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, softens and moisturizes the skin. John Masters Organics also has several good alternatives, including Orange & Rose Hand Cream. This is a concentrated natural skin cream that easily absorbs the skin and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. The hemispheres should always carry you so that it can be used as needed.

 Skin Care Organic Cream

Nail Care

Personally, I think well-groomed nails are an important part of the pretty hand. And while many are not so busy with nails, there are some very easy steps you can make that will make a big difference. You definitely do not need to go to any nail salon or spend a lot of time to maintain your nails. Nail care can be more than enough for most people. Your nails need a regular care on the same line as the rest of the skin. Did you know that the nailbars are in order to keep infections away? That’s enough to take some extra on, I think. My advice is that you use a good oil a couple of times a week as you massage into the nailbars. You can also gently push the nail bones back and if you have a lot of dead nail bones it is possible to cut this away with a nail binder. However, you should be careful when you do this so you do not cut too much, then you may end up with such and worst cases infections.

Bigger than this needs You do not do the nails, but I of course recommend that you are good at filing your nails. If you only cut, they have a lot easier to tile and thus break. When the foundation of a nice manicure is laid, please take your favorite nail polish on the road. This looks very nice and I’m sure most people feel a bit extra fine with nail polish on the nails.

 Nail Care

I hope these tips can help some of you go in the fall and winter with a little softer hands over last year. A little bonus tips all the way to the tamp of those who have extremely dry hands are to smear on a thick layer of cream on their hands before bedtime, and they roll into gloves. This tip works every time, both hands and feet! Please use a good and fat cream for this, the miracle cramp Egyptian Magic is perfect for this purpose.

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