How to find a nail biting cure – the 4 nail biting treatments that work!

While the habit of nail biting begins to take over your life, you are definitely looking for a cure for nails. Well, there are a lot of nail treatments, especially on the web, but all treatments work differently and you have to find the right treatment for you and your needs.

Let's take a brief look at the positive and negative aspects of 4 nail bite treatments:

  • Creams of Bitter Taste / Creams
  • Creams of skincare
  • Drugs
  • Mental Therapy Techniques

Bitter Tasting Creams / Creams

This treatment works by applying bitter taste varnishes. or creams to your nails (or what's left of them) and then every time your finger enters your mouth a bitter taste is experienced.

Positives : You do not leave your finger in your mouth long enough to bite because the taste repels your attempts most of the time. This treatment can really work.

Negatives : You must maintain the application on your nails and if you do not do it, you will start to bite again.

Skin Care Cream

These creams are generally used for repair purposes, but there has been some success in helping people to stop bite.

Positives : Sometimes the cream will stop biting your nails because the taste or the sensation of the cream in your mouth will indicate that you are biting.

Negatives : The cream is designed to help heal your nails, so the success rate in keeping you from biting your nails is low.


There are some drugs that can be described, but most of them are related to anti-depressant treatments.

Positives: Doctors usually use this form of drug as the success rate with other addictions is high. Nail biting is an addiction and there is no reason why these types of medications would not help with this habit.

Negatives : Medications are usually the last resort or reserved for large pieces of nails.

Mental Therapy Techniques

This technique is crucial for any other treatment to be successful. For other treatments to work, you must have mental strength or willingness to take action and maintain that action until the habit of biting stops. Finding a cure that will help you stop depends on how strong you are.

To find a remedy against nails, your mental strength will play a big role in success. Nail treatments are not limited to themselves, they must be only a component of a comprehensive plan that includes treatments, will and structures. If you want to stop biting your nails, make sure you have a plan together.

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