How do you choose the right hair extensions?

Here's what you need to know about hair extensions to make the right choice:

Depending on what you want, you can add volume or length to your natural hair or even both.

If your hair is too short, the extensions can not be caught and will look unsightly. To look naturally, you should have a medium length hair.

You can play with different shades of extensions for a special look.

The fixation process is not painful, regardless of the attachment method of the extensions.


If you choose extensions that attach to your hair by sewing, stamping, or microraining, you will need a specialist to do the hanging. These are also the ones that can be worn for a longer period. Clip On, Tail or Flip In The extensions are very easy to repair and can be removed and placed at any time.


The extensions can be made of natural or synthetic hair. Those in natural hair are really more expensive than synthetic ones but their quality is also superior. In addition to blending perfectly with your hair and looking naturally, these extensions are versatile and unlike synthetic, can be painted and trimmed with the hair plate or the wave trimmer. Plus, natural hair extensions are more durable and you can enjoy more time.


Hair extensions require special care. Must be washed with a mild and hydrated shampoo with appropriate products. Frequently apply masks for hair removal and shine. There are also special brushes with which you have to comb your extensions to avoid damaging them. Take care of the styling products used, they must be of high quality.

Use a silk cushion cover to protect, electrify or break hair during sleep. Also, take your hair in a ponytail when you sleep.

In conclusion, take care of the extensions according to your natural hair.


When buying hair extensions, avoid having too much weight. If they are too heavy, they will naturally damage your hair. Consult specialists when you have questions about it.

Choosing the right extensions is not easy, so it is best to consult a specialist before moving on to the next step. But the most important aspect to keep in mind is that the extensions you wear will be of high quality.

In order to buy the best natural extensions, you must choose a good hair supplier.

Aliexpress and Amazon are a good source of cheap hair extensions if you choose the right natural hair sellers.

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