Do you confuse movement with progress?

Why is it when you are going to put things away, that the object can never end or stay where it belongs? You certainly remember that you had this object in your arms, stacked with other things, and yet, where-oh-where did it go?

The towels for the bathroom are near the shower when you go out. The linen closet stuffed with everything, but towels. You shake your wet head in astonishment – how is the pile of banknotes and magazines found there?

And where is the new bottle of cleaning spray? This is certainly not under the sink where it was supposed to be. Oh, but I found the shampoo and nail polish that I bought weeks ago and that I could not find.

You know how it goes – you start in a room, a closet or a drawer, and before you know it, you have the whole house in a tumult of clutter and piles. Nothing is where it is supposed to be, and every room you enter, you find more things that need to go elsewhere.

Like this junk drawer in the kitchen that encloses everything you did not know what to do, then you stuffed it. Batteries, elastics, pencils, hair clips, ampoules, nail clippers, toothpicks, scotch, tools, recipes, warranties, and the list goes on. A jumble of unrelated objects.

So you realize, going around in circles, that every room looks a lot like the garbage drawer – a jumble of unrelated things. And, nothing seems to be where he is supposed to be.

In fact, you do not have a clue what things should do. Your mind races with the madness of working hard – and the hours and hours you've spent organizing, storing, throwing or hiding.

How did it become so out of control and disorganized so quickly? I'm pretty sure, you say, that I've always put things in the trash or thrown them away.

All this busyness and yet so little to show for it.

Is it possible that you confused constant movement and agitation with real progress? Perhaps you have made the same mistake as many of us, that is, to assume that movement is equal to productive action.

It's really a common mistake and so easy to make us believe that we are really progressing.

How can you tell if you are? Ask yourself this simple question – And, be honest, this is not a test – is my destination getting closer?

You may need to redefine what is really productive and what it means to you. And, in doing so, consider doing only the things that have the most impact on your predetermined outcome.

Which assumes that you have decided, planned and your output is clear. But, what if you are not clear about it? Well, then, start there. This would be your first productive action. To be clear on what you want it to be or the desire to look like.

Be careful … the minute you decide to concentrate and take productive action, you will probably experience these five saboteurs. They will definitely throw you off track.

Saboteur # 1. Sedatives. These things that numb you. I'm not talking about what might be your favorite drug of choice here, but all the other things that appeal to you. Activities like social media, watching TV, talking on the phone, playing games or even reading a book. Note those who are your favorites and be vigilant when they arise and steal your progress.

Saboteur # 2. Glossy shiny objects. Or, as my friend used to say, "Look, there is a chicken!" In other words, all that distracts and catches your attention, which seems much brighter than what you are currently working on. An example of this, when it comes to tidying up, is researching and purchasing that perfect container to help you organize. You did not even understand the result or start purging, and yet you go to the container store.

Saboteur # 3. Country of dreams. You spend hours and hours dreaming about what it will look like and never taking concrete steps to get it. There is the vision panel that you have created and yet, you are not closer to the vision on it. Do not get me wrong, dreaming and planning (and a vision board) is a necessary and most critical first step. However, at some point you must take action to achieve that.

Saboteur # 4. Researcher of information. You are motivated to search for and collect more and more information or inspiration before you even begin. And, the gathering never ends. You take another class or workshop, read another "how-to" book, or watch another video, and you never make a single step closer to the output you want.

Saboteur # 5. Resistance At each stage, you encounter opposition, challenge, and obstacles, which can be frustration, fatigue, anger, or other dramatic events. They will probably be your wits who will yell at you: "It takes a lot of time."

No matter what saboteur appears – probably all five at one time or another – recognizes him for what It is … Or, maybe even fear.

Unfortunately, there are no magic answers to ward off discomfort and fear, but what about me? 39 was given is the best and most valuable guide I can give you to welcome saboteurs.

First – Be comfortable with uncomfortable whatsoever that is worthy of your life will press your comfort zone Breathe deeply, recognize it really ugly feet, and continue.

Second – Make it scary When fear raises its ugly head, confront it, deny it and keep diving. Just like the boogeyman under the bed, he's rarely real.

And, in turn, as you chase these saboteurs, you will experience how much action is best there to get rid of the clutter and stay tidy.

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