How to Convert PSD to WordPress, Free and Paid Service

There are lot of question about how to convert PSD to WordPress. I been search for the tutorial and i found some helpful guide. There are 2 way to convert photoshop file into WordPress.
1. Do by your self, i call it free 😀
You need more effort to understand about photoshop and WordPress. They are 2 different thing of the software.
2. Hire freelancer a.k.a conversion service.
Fiverr, Freelancer or SeoClerk, etc become the great place to find the service.

how to convert PSD to WordPress

Ok, for the first way, i’ve been write by my self on how to convert PSD into WordPress in 5 steps. Here we go :

Here are the steps for converting PSD to wordpress:

1. Cutting PSD or slicing PSD

In the process of converting PSD to WordPress, the first step is to shorten the PSD design file, where it is cut and divided into several design files from a single design. This is because the overall design of web pages can not be encoded into a single image. In other words, the webpage is a collection of several images in which each folder points to a particular function.

Cutting PSD design will generally be achieved in various image editing software. Recently, various Photoshop designers have used around the world because they retain the ability and flexibility to complete these tasks more efficiently without any hardship or shock.

2. Create index.html and style.css

After cutting the PSD file, the next step is to create index.html and style.css. This is done by encoding a snippet snippet in HTML or XHTML format. However, this process requires deep knowledge and skills in CSS and HTML. Developers can actually bring some famous encoding program like Dreamweaver or Fireworks to deal with the whole hole at each level of complications, but it’s up to developers to decide what software they want to use.

The main goal is to encode the Sliced ​​Image into HTML and CSS format, perfect with the perfect rollover effect and pixel placement. This is also a step in which you decide whether or not to respond by changing the relevant CSS. For convenience, name the CSS file as style.css and HTML files as index.html.

Meanwhile, learn CSS and HTML here are some resources, among others:

• W3Schools: This website is a complete web development guide for CSS programming. It has many detailed examples of CSS and HTML coding and even has an online compiler where you can practice CSS and HTML.

• TutsPlus: TutsPlus offers a complete tutorial focused on HTML tutorials and free CSS programming.

3. Edit index.html based on the WordPress theme

Creating an effective website through WordPress’s own development is about the development process of WordPress themes, which should be integrated into WordPress software. However, the main aspect of PSD for the WordPress process is actually the transfer of the PSD proposal to WordPress and the change of the theme of life by incorporating the pioneering plug-in features and WordPress tools.

Generally, it is advisable to design an initial HTML file according to the structure of the WordPress theme file, and to divide one HTML file into several basic theme file structures. Themes in WordPress consist of several PHP files, such as archive.php, Header.php and many others. The most important files to consider are index.php and style.css for themes to be live and functional.

4. Adding WordPress tags

The most exciting thing about WordPress is the support of built-in features that can be integrated to take on all the core functions with WordPress themes. In this context, you do not have to irritate your brain with a complex HTML code, but only include WordPress tags embedded in the topic and get the desired function alive.

5. Add features and function

You have now created and activated WordPress themes. Additionally, if you want to add additional features or edit existing features, you only need to modify the file structure or install plugins for a user-friendly WordPress control panel. As a result, you do not have to spend too much time modifying the HTML code of the kernel without having to examine each line to make the right changes.

Watch the Video :

The second way you could use psd to wordpress conversion service :
The easiest thing to do is just type “convert PSD to WordPress” on google search form and put the domain in the end.

Example : convert PSD to WordPress

You can view one by one and read last customer review for they service. I’m sure you have your own standard to select, such as by price, time to work, or good result.

The same thing you can do for another site, just replace with another such ass, or, etc.

I hope this article can be your as solution for how to convert PSD to WordPress.

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