What happens to our body after we drink energy drinks?

Do energy drinks give energy to the body as you think? Here are the effects of the energy drink on the human body … When we feel tired of a lot of ourselves, we apply to drink energy. What effect does the energy drink have on our body? Here are the people living in the human body after taking the energy drink … After 10 minutes Caffeine mixes into the bloodstream and increases blood pressure and heart rate. Concentration increases after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes caffeine stops absorption, drowsiness and pupils enlarge. After 1 hour the energy effect is reduced. You start to feel tired again. Beverage begins to throw out the necessary elements in the body. After 6 hours, the level of caffeine is reduced to 50%. After 12 hours, caffeine disappears completely. How fast it happens depends on physical activity and age. After 24 hours Regular energy drink causes headache, sensitivity and digestive problems. After a while you will not feel the energy. After 14 days your body gets used to taking caffeine regularly, the effect you drink is reduced. Insomnia, sugar-induced weight gain, nerve impairment and sensuality, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure occur.

What is SMA disease, what causes it, and what is the indication

What is SMA disease? The SMA disease (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), which has been frequently confronted recently, is the result of some cells in the spinal cord that are responsible for the movement of muscles and are unable to function. What is the indication of how the SMA disease is treated and how it is treated Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disorder that has recently been spoken. SMA is seen in children. Significant progress has been made in the treatment of SMA disease. In the stem cell studies conducted by the University of California, achieving results as high as 95 percent is a great success. However, these experiments are currently being tested on whether or not cells will work on animals. Some of the cells in the spinal cord that are responsible for the muscle movements are sick and unable to perform their tasks. These cells are responsible for transmitting the movement command from the brain to the muscles. The muscles can not work because they can not get the movement order and they are weak. All arm and leg muscles, trunk, and some respiratory muscles are affected by this disease. MASTIC DISEASE AND SPECIFICATIONS Clinically, four types of SMA disease of different types and severities have been identified. Their characteristics are as follows according to their functional ability to move: SMA Type 1: The head control is not stable because the head is very weak.SMA Type 2: Head control. They can sit but can not go to sitting position from the lying position.SMA Type 3: They can stand and walk.SMA Type 4: It is the type seen in adults. Arm and legs have weakness. In general, these patients can walk.Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a hereditary disease, not contagious. In hereditary diseases, genes are disordered. Genes produce some proteins to function in cells. When the gene is defective, these proteins can not be produced, under-produced or over-produced. In this case, some damage may occur in the relevant cells. In SMA, the function of the anterior horn cell is impaired, and the muscles in the voluntary moving muscle are seen to be weakened by weakness. The gene defect causing the SMA disease is known. For this reason, diagnosis can be made during pregnancy if there is a disease in the family. It is also aimed at increasing the quality of life of the patient by providing certain treatments to the patient, while not being a specific treatment of this disease. However, two kinds of studies are being carried out in order to find the survivors of SMA disease with developing medical technology. One of them is genetic therapy. With this therapy, the causes of SMA disease are tried to be removed. The other form of therapy is cellular replacement therapy. In this way, dead cells or cells that are starting to die are being tried to be replaced by new ones. It is a great success that the results of stem cell studies made by the University of California, which is 95 percent higher, are achieved. In previous studies, stem cells could be compared to spinal cord cells in only 20 percent purity. With this study, it was observed that injecting cells that did not meet the required functions into the spinal cord was not beneficial. The most important issue when injecting stem cells at the site to be applied is that the purity ratio is more than 95%. The professors of the University of California, which achieved this, are also considered to have received treatment for SMA. However, the effect of this treatment method on people is still being investigated. In the light of the results obtained, it is planned that the stem cells will be used to repair motor neuron damage in the spinal cord. It has been tried to work on cells, not on animals. The positive results are hope for SMA patients

In Australia, the federal court increased the fine for Reckitt Benckiser, producer of Nurofen containing pain-relieving ibuprofen, on the grounds that he misled consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), federal The court has raised $ 1.25 million in bribes in April for $ 4.4 million on charges of misleading consumers to Reckitt Benckiser. "This is the highest institutional punishment for misleading behavior under the Australian Consumer Code," said ACCC Chairman Rod Sims. The federal court ruled on April 28, 2016 that the painful pills such as Nurofen pain, Nurofen migraine headache, Nurofen headache and Nurofen menstruation pain were not different from each other, and the manufacturer ordered Reckitt Benckiser 1,25 m The illicit dollar was fined. The case was resurfaced by the ACCC's objection, which found the census insufficient.

Nail fungus can lead to kangrene

Nail fungus, seen as a very simple problem, causes serious health problems if not treated. Even these problems can invite even to the manganese. The nail fungus infection, which usually starts with white and yellow spots in the nail, can lead to a big damage which can not be underestimated. The wound care nurse Yahshi emphasizes that the nail fungus infection in the immune system weakens the invitation to very important health problems like gangrene. As for the treatment of the nail fungus disease, the important points are summarized as follows: The nail fungus is seen more and more outdoors. "Nail fungus infection, a disease, is mainly caused by organisms called dermatophytes. The nail mantle usually starts under the nail, spreads linearly at the root of the nail, thickens, loosens the nail, and causes it to separate. The nail follicles and plaque are infected. Finally, the nail is completely damaged. WHY DOES TIERNAK MUSHROOMS occur? Dermatophyte-type fungi are the most common cause of nail fungal disease. Other common causes of nail fungus disease are yeast-type fungi. Yeast fungi usually settle on weakened nails after an old trauma. Other than these, fungal diseases are more frequent in people with diabetes and sweaty feet. WHAT IS TYNAKE STATISTICS? • Thickening in the nails • Deterioration in color and shape • Pain due to shoe pressure • Thickening and crumbling • Difficulty in cutting the nail TROUBLE SHOULDER ROAD TO GREAT PROBLEMS Infection can lead to an injury that can not be underestimated in the nails. People with diabetes, drug treatment, and people with weakened immune systems can have very serious health problems such as nail fungal infections, gangrene. Fungal infections of the nail do not heal themselves, they need to be treated absolutely. Untreated can lead to soft tissue infections. Your aim is to get rid of the nail fungus. The nails will then return to normal appearance. However, if the nail mantle is abnormal before it is caught, it is quite difficult to clean it completely and it is very difficult to get it first. TIRESHA Manta can not be treated with a single suture. After cleaning the nailed specimens with sterile devices and mills by specialists, the patient will be given proper care and remedies The patient is followed up. Nail fungus is not a disease that can be treated with single-session application. "Source: POSTA

The contribution fee was updated at the outpatient clinic and the dentist examination. The notification regarding the amendment of the Social Security Institution Health Implementation Communiqué was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. The fee for participation in the outpatient treatment and the dentist examination was recorded as the second 6 pounds in the official health service provider, 7 pounds in the Ministry of Health education and research hospitals used jointly with the universities, 8 pounds in the tertiary health service providers connected to the university hospitals and 15 pounds in the private health service providers.

Ewing Sarcoma Causes Cancer, How to Treat

Ewing sarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer that occurs in soft tissues bones and bones. Ewing's sarcoma can occur elsewhere in the body, but it is most commonly encountered at the corners, legs, ribs, spinal cord, and pelvis. Ewing's sarcoma is painful in the area of ​​the tumor (arms, legs, chest, back or pelvis area) Swelling or stiffness. Ewing's syndrome is usually a malignant tumor that occurs in the bones. Most of the sarcomas grow quickly and disperse quickly. If the disease is not treated, it will lead to death. The disease is very rare. Sarcoma can occur in every bone. The most common places are; Hip, upper leg, lower leg and rib bones. The tumor can spread both within the bones and within the soft tissue covering the bones. Ewing sarcoma is a bone tumor usually seen in small children. Ewing's sarcoma is seen in people between the ages of 10 and 20 … Approximately one-fourth of Ewing's sarcoma occurs before the age of 10 years. The causes of Ewing's sarcoma The cause of Ewing's sarcoma, the cause of this cancer, has not yet been determined. It is known that most cancer types emerge from a certain type of tissue or organ. Breast cancer, for example, is caused by breast cells. However, doctors in Ewing's sarcoma do not know the type of cell on which the cancer begins. The symptoms of Ewing's sarcoma are weakness, weight loss Loss of appetite Pain, swelling, redness around the tumor Feeling always tired Broke in the bones of unknown cause Continuous low fever Paralysis if leg tumors are spreading Ewing sarcoma (Eg, numbness, tingling, paralysis, etc.) Ewing sarcoma diagnosis Ewing's sarcoma diagnosis and treatment is done by an oncologist. Your doctor will ask you for a series of tests to determine if you have Ewing's sarcoma … If you have this disease, it will try to determine if the tumor has spread and how much it has spread. Here are the tests your doctor will use to diagnose Ewing's sarcoma: Physical examination: Your doctor will check you for signs of tuberculosis, redness and swelling in painful areas at the first stage of the diagnosis of Ewing's sarcoma. X-rays: X-rays, An image of an area. If there are any problems with X-rays, your doctor will ask you to take other imaging tests. Bone scan: This scan is used to find out whether the cancer cells are in the bones. Your veins are injected with some radioactive dye. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): This test is performed using magnetic fields and radio waves to obtain detailed information about your body. The 3D picture of the body is taken. Computerized tomography scan (CAT / CT scan): It is a imaging method used to create a detailed view of the inner parts of the body using special x-ray devices. Each image created during the CT scan shows the internal organs, bones and other tissues. Ewing sarcoma treatment Chemotherapy: Ewing is usually the first step in the treatment of sarcoma. With this option, drugs are used to kill cancer cells and stop their growth. Chemotherapy can be injected into your blood circulation. Your doctor can use more than one chemotherapy method at the same time, or it can support chemotherapy with surgery and radiation. Surgery: Ewing may go to surgery to remove the tumor to stop cancer spread in sarcoma. Radiation: In this therapy, a technician will use X-rays and other types of radiation to kill cancer cells.

What is Bilirubin? Bilirubin Normal Values ​​And Height

Bilirubin is an orange-yellow substance that occurs during the breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin is produced by our livers and this substance can be found in calm. Bilirubin passes through the liver and goes out of the body. The bilirubin test is done to detect the bilirubin level. Bilirubin elevation usually results from problems with liver diseases or bile ducts. What are the normal bilirubin values? Direct (conjugated) bilirubin: 0 – 0,3 mg / dL (milligrams per deciliter) Total bilirubin: 0,3-1,9 mg / dLNormal The range of values ​​can vary slightly from laboratory to laboratory. Why Bilirubin testing? Bilirubin testing is often done as part of a group of tests to check the health of your liver. The bilirubin test can also be done in the following situations: Detecting the presence of irritation (bilirubin elevation can cause your skin and your eyes to wrinkle the whiteness (jaundice) .The test is usually used to measure bilirubin levels in newborns.) To diagnose obstruction of the bile ducts in your liver To diagnose liver diseases such as hepatitis, under retention aid olmakkırmız blood cells detected edilmesiuygulan treatment of damage detection was successful etmekbilirub height belirtileriiştahsızlıkbulant and vomiting hissiko amber or brownish yellow idrartitr theme co-occurring high ateşcilt in kaşıntıkil colored or pale dışkıkar pain and ödemyorgunluk, halsizliksık common ateşlenmeidrar sharp kokucil you and dönmesibilirub yellow of eyes white Causes of heightSafrawn v (Eg Bilirubin can not be processed normally in the liver) Diseases that cause liver damage such as hepatitis, cirrhosis or mononucleosis. Side effects of various medicines such as birth control pills, antibiotics. Allergic reactions that occur during transplantation. Cell anemia Genes affecting the liver, gall bladder or gall bladder Genetic diseases such as Dublin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor's syndrome, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Crigler-Najjar syndrome Disease problems related to Saffraces: (abnormal constriction of the main bile ducts, gallstones, tumors, injuries, Pancreatic cancer) Factors that cause bilirubin elevation in newborns (Erytroblastosis fetalis, problems that may affect the liver (neonatal hepatitis etc.), Hypoxia (Oxygen insufficiency) and bile duct How is bilirubin reduced? If you are suffering from bilirubin highness, you should consult a General Surgeon. The doctor will carry out various tests and perform the necessary treatment according to the cause of the condition. Bilirubin can also prescribe medication to lower your height. We also recommend you to do the following to lower the bilirubin ratio. Beware of the shrimp. Stay away from the fried foods, the bahamas and the salt, and cook the dishes low in fat. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Do not eat fatty meat. For carrots or orange juice. Or you can add a slice of lemon into hot water. If the increase in Biliaryubin levels for barley is not due to a very serious cause, this rate can be reduced by natural methods. Boil it in low heat and make 'barley water' by putting three gallons of water (3 liters of 12 cups of water) in a glass of water. This magic potion is very effective for high levels of bilirubin. Consult your doctor for a few glasses a day. Try a mixture of turmeric and yogurt and turmeric and yogurt. Mix 50 grams of yogurt and 10 grams of turmeric powder. Continue to consume half of this mixture in the morning and the other half for 15 days at night. Bilirubin Elevation Treatment in Yediğizan There is no special treatment needed for bilirubin levels to rise slightly during the first few months. To treat moderate bilirubin elevation, your doctor may place it under the light of bilirubin and treat it, covered with a blindfold to prevent the eyes of the newborn kidney from being overheated.Carrhoeus operationBlue elevation is caused by bile stone, stone can be surgically removed. Liver transplantation may be necessary if there is dysfunction in the liver.

7 factors leading to colon cancer

Colon cancer, the third most common cancer in our country, is becoming increasingly common. Colon cancer in every 20-30 lives in one's life; It is very important to increase social consciousness because early diagnosis plays a crucial role in colon cancer that can be prevented if it is diagnosed while it is still in the form of polyps. Gastroenterology Expert who made a statement due to Cancer Awareness Month Assoc. Dr. Fatih Oğuz Önder, because the colon cancer and polyps did not give any symptoms in the early period; Those without genetic risk should at least undergo colonoscopy even after 50 years of age, even if they have no complaints. "The role of colonoscopy in the prevention and early diagnosis of large bowel cancer is great. Colonoscopy is quite safe and comfortable when done in suitable conditions. Patients with polyps or colon cancers should be taken at an earlier age. "In the advanced stages of colon cancer, symptoms such as anemia, cannabis discharge, mucus-like discharge, diarrhea or constipation in bowel habits, abdominal pain and weight loss can manifest themselves. Assoc. The Leader described the main seven factors leading to colon cancer, and transmitted the warnings and suggestions as follows: OVER RED MEAT AND SALAM, SUCCE, SOSIS CONSUMPTION The World Health Organization has included processed meat products such as salami, sausage, sausage and bacon in definitive carcinogens in 2015. Excessive consumption of red meat also increases the risk of colon cancer, especially in the same announcement is drawn attention. LIABILITY NUTRITION Habits wrong nutrition habits increase the risk of colon cancer. Excessive nutrition and obesity can cause colon cancer as well as many health problems. In particular, the low consumption of vegetables and fruit, while the whole digestive system health, but also poses an important risk in terms of colon cancer. MANUFACTURING YANMASIKOLON cancer is also very important to cook. Especially in baking methods such as barbecue, carcinogens can be formed resulting in burning of meat. These carcinogens can trigger the development of stomach, pancreas and colon cancer. For this reason, make sure that the meat is not at least 15 cm away from the fire. Alcohol and cigarette smoking are a serious risk factor for colon cancer as well as other cancers, as well as the general health effects of alcohol and cigarette use. CANCER CANCER IN THE FOLLOWING CANCER CANCER CANCER Familial and genetic factors play a big role in the causes. People with intestinal cancer in close relatives are more likely to develop colon cancer. In these people it is very important to have cancer screenings at regular intervals. In addition, people with breast, ovarian and uterine cancer should be screened for colon cancer. COLON POLYPROCOLO POLYPLES are the most common diseases of the large intestine. Almost all large bowel cancers; The abnormal structure of the intestinal inner wall and extending into the intestine. Over time, the cells in the polyp can change into cancer and spread from there. These polyps are detected by colonoscopy and can be destroyed before a bad conversion occurs. The risk of colon cancer increases with age. More than 90 percent of patients are over 40 years old, and the rate of colon cancer after 40 years is doubling every 10 years. "COLONOSCOPY DO NOT STOP" Colonoscopy is not a feared process when it is done on very safe and suitable conditions today. However, since the old perceptual colonoscopy has caused it to be withdrawn, this critical opportunity can be missed in early diagnosis. One day before the procedure, a diet and medication that can be applied at home clears the contaminants in the bowel. On the day of the procedure, the person who is going to scan is provided a light sleep with medications that prevent lightning or deep sedation. In this mild sleep, the person does not feel uncomfortable or painful. By taking all the polyps detected during the procedure and technically suitable, the risk of colon cancer development is reduced. Dr. Leader, "the probability of a negative result of the process is very low. Patients may feel gas bloating for a few hours after the procedure, but they may return to normal life within the same day. " People without genetic risk need to be screened once every 40 years to see if there is secret blood in the stool. Colonoscopy is the most important method for screening polyps and cancer. According to the number and type of polyps detected are arranged for the future, "he says.

And agreed! Now free

Citizens are paying for medical devices first, then collecting their money from SSI. A protocol was signed between the Social Security Institution (SSI) and the Turkish Public Hospitals Authority (TKHK) regarding the provision of insurance by the Ministry of Health to the medical devices that they had previously received from the SSI and the cost of which was obtained free of charge by the Ministry of Health. Under the protocol, the Undersecretary Eyup Gümüş announced that they had taken over 200 devices from the SGK. She said. Silver also emphasized that the cost of the organization will be covered by the SGK "We are removing the problem with paying individuals" SGK Chairman Mehmet Selim Bağlı reminded that the insurers who previously needed medical devices and materials bought their equipment with this device and paid the price of the payments from SGK. Bagli, emphasizing that the medical devices and supplies will be covered by the Ministry of Health and the payment of this will be made to the Ministry by the protocol, "We are removing the problem about personal payments. We will pay directly to the concerned party, we will get the citizen out of it. I would like to thank the Ministry of Health for taking on such a burden on our side of the present affairs. They acted with the awareness of social responsibility. "

The greatest danger in the birth control pills

The acne pills that were banned in many countries after the doctors gave birth control pills as a contraceptive pill killed a 21-year-old girl. The acne pills that were banned in many countries after the death sentences given by doctors as birth control pills, The daughter of a 21-year-old daughter, a politician who returned from death because of the acne drug used as a contraceptive pill, launched a campaign to introduce a new drug regulation. Dueling event was the head of the Australian politician Julian Hill's daughter Elanor. According to the Daily Telegraph, the young woman was complaining of calf pain while they were on holiday in Sri Lanka. Elanor, whose pain worsened overnight, was diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis (blood clotting in the legs) when he arrived at the hospital at the end of the 4 hour drive. Moreover, the reason for the blood clotting is to treat serious acne problems, but the medicine prescribed by the doctors as a contraceptive pill. Julian Hill, who says that she is lucky to be alive, has launched a campaign to introduce a new drug regimen that causes blood clotting. Elian is still using blood thinners after 6 months of unfortunate experience and has been working on compression for 2 years You have to wear socks. /Nationality