5 Cute Nail Colors for 2018

All skin tones have colors that favor them. In the case of brown skins there are some that look spectacular in their hands. I knows some of them and boasts beautiful nails. The perfect nail colors for your skin tone.

chromas nail colors

For starters, the chromas go wonderfully in brown hands. They create the ideal contrast combined with some other bright color to give a different touch to your manicure. Consequently, a single nail of a different color looks very elegant.

Coffee gel Nail Colors

On the other hand, of the colors of nails the coffee is something difficult to combine in the clear skins. However, if you have the brunette skin take advantage of it, only yours looks divine. In addition, it is a neutral that can be easily combined with any other.

Golden Nail Colors

The metallic tones, especially the gold, favors the brown skins. The gold looks extremely elegant, is also sophisticated and will combine with any garment you use. Do not hesitate to give it a more fun design with some applications or stones to wear nails very feminine.

Phosphorescent Nail Colors

Any phosphorescent color, especially this green, is good for brown skins and only for them. The color is too intense for a clear skin. Take advantage of these beautiful colors along with all those fantastic designs.

If you ever wonder what colors will suit you better with your brown skin, look for the most extravagant. Tones uploaded, colorful and beautiful are the best for you. One of these is orange in all its variants. Cheerful and very fun, it blends perfectly with toasted skin.

The yellow color is not the most common for nails, on the other hand this does not mean that it is the last option. In fact, tanned skins should wear a much more up and cheerful nail color, so your skin tone could be better appreciated.

Purple quartz
Purple quartz nail colors ideas

Finely, this purple somewhat clear is incredible to the tanned skins. Find it mate and combine it with a few golden rings.

Want to see more designs? Be inspired to change your manicure this week with these suggestions.

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