If you are wondering whether or not there is sensory integration disorder, here is information obtained by classifying according to different ages … Sensory integration disorder is the state in which the sensed signals are not normally interpreted by the nervous system. According to research done, 1 in 20 regions, 1 out of 6 children live the symptoms of this disease which affects their daily life. How is the treatment of the disorder of the sexual integration? The main solution of treatment is ergotherapy. Discomfort is usually not treated until 4 and a half years old. What is the indication of the disorder of sensory integration? There are common statements that we can see as a danger again. "Sensory Aggravated Integrity Institution" has identified the following symptoms according to age classification: 1 to 3 years old children do not have problems with eating, do not want to go to anyone other than the caregiver, do not want to go to anyone except elderly people, are in a sleepy state, are irritable while wearing clothes, rarely play with toys that require skill. Not to feel difficulty or to react late to the pain Do not react to the pain, do not move away from the person who keeps it Do not calm down looking at the eyes, do not pacify or listen to the voice of your parents Do not calm down Listening to the voice of the body, Having difficulty in toilet training in children aged 5 years Do not be too sensitive to smell, do not be aware of being impulsive, M difficulty in motor skills such as button closure Do not know how they will act in idleYear difficulty in learning motor skillsDrive in everythingWhere to touch everything and everything else difficulty getting friends (too passive or aggressive) Not being too excited, unable to calm down mood changes doing things suddenly sluggish düşmekur the sentence of anlaşılmamasıeylemsel commands to react more to çocuklardadış factor in anlamamaokul age, quickly distracted in more DUYAR olmasınıf, over the duramamasınıf, at recess, playing games quickly bunalmagörev the stand slowly instead getirmeel text is çekmekamb difficulty with fine motor skills, clumsy look new activities slowly öğrenmesürekl in motion Do not choose very passive activities Difficulty getting friends (too passive or aggressive) I can not stay and move on to another job Do not mix the words with the voices, misunderstand the questions.